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This wiki is about a networking system based around an XML-VM, known as Friend2Friend (See demo). It complements the machine-created F2F documentation at Its main purpose is to help developers who are building the F2F platform, and its secondary purpose is to help coders who are developing software for F2F. F2F was developed from 2007-2009, mainly by Robin Upton, who is still looking for partners who can grasp its potential :)


Friend2Friend (F2F) uses increases in the speed and availablility of computers to further decentralize WWW:

  • Instead of remote sites collecting their data, people keep it on their own machines.
  • Instead of querying 3rd parties' static databases, people contact their friends directly and ask them to ask theirs, and so on.
  • URLs are replaced by URIs
  • Passwords are replaced by digital signatures, a few large databases by many small XML files.
  • Closed-source websites by open-source modules.

Selected Presentations

Internal Links

FAQ Frequently asked questions
Documentation Organising this wiki, the HTML docs and the presentations
Hard Code The design and initial implementation (currently in PHP5) of the F2F kernel
Hard Code The design and initial implementation (currently in PHP5) of the F2F kernel
Soft Code The XML modules that provide custom resources to supplement those of the F2F kernel.
Modules To complement the functionality of F2F kernel.

External Links This project's main URL. Sourceforge Code. Altruistic Economics, the original motivation for this project. Summary of F2F and anonymous P2P software. Another XSL-based server framework (with its origins in VR!) Wikipedia F2F page.
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